Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hair Extensions - From Celebrity Hollywood to the High Street

It's really no secret that we live in a celebrity driven culture and if you look at what dominates our TV screens it's not difficult to see why. In addition to all of the TV shows and films that our Favorited celebs appear in, we also have shows that examine their lives in minute detail. Fashion on the high street often mimics the fashion from movies and TV shows and hairstyles are just one part of the fashion industry that receives close attention.
Hello, my name is...
If one of our favorite female celebrities has a particular kind of hairstyle, then it doesn't take long for that style to filter down to the high street and become one of the most popular styles. However, since hair extensions became the latest Hollywood "must have", celebrity hairstyles are changing with increasing regularity and although trends are still very much following those of the rich and famous, they are far less uniform than they ever used to be.
A movie star might display a particular hairstyle on the red carpet of a movie premiere and then for a television interview the next day, they are wearing their hair completely differently. Unless the celeb in question has naturally long hair and can wear it up or down, these dramatic style changes are only really possible thanks to clip in hair extensions. Of course, pop stars and actresses are photographed almost every time they appear in public, even if they are just going shopping. Then these images are written about, 
blogged about, tweeted about and posted on celebrity gossip websites that receive huge amounts of traffic.Perhaps it's the hair extensions themselves that are proving to be the real hit. If they can work for the glamorous people on our screens, they have also proved that they can impact the high street. You may have noticed that along with all the beauty salons and nail salons, that salons that deal specifically with hair extensions are also making a mark in our local shopping centers.
The market for this product must be massive; after all, if used correctly, they are an extremely versatile fashion accessory and allow the wearer to change their hairstyle as often as they wish. Clip in hair extensions, do exactly that – clip into your own natural hair and add body, length, color or a combination of all three.
So, Hollywood continues to make an impact on everyday life, even if it is through the medium of hair extensions.